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We see differently. I’ve gotten some insight from talking to my optometrist. He said some people take time to narrow down the better/worse choice. He said eyes are different and some people can see better in some regards. Aside from the standard 20/20 measurement there are other tests an eye doctor runs that determines things like refraction and peripheral vision.

In process watercolor. Working title is "Island Sunrise".

My eye doctor tells me I'm one of the people that he has to be patient with. I take a smaller step before I can't tell the difference. (I’ve gotten clues I’m not the only one out here.)

I’ve heard they have done autopsies on eyes and one of the things they have discovered is some people have more rods and cones. If they do an autopsy of my eyes I believe they would see something different than most people.

I believe my whole life I have been seeing a version of HD while a lot of the world is seeing in SD. When I looked at the way light fell across faces and hands in church as a little kid, I was possibly looking at things differently. I see colors that most others don’t see. I have often pointed out subtle differences in snow or skies. It's a weird gift.

I haven’t done anything to deserve these eyes. They are a gift.

I believe it is similar to being blessed with a good voice. The singer doesn’t do anything to deserve the ability to sing, but it’s a lot of work beyond the ability. I think a lot of gifts are that way.

"Moss Birds II"

For the longest time I had a struggle with calling my ability to create a “talent”. I knew I had worked very hard at learning different ways to capture things. I’m still learning but so far it has been a lot of work and sacrifice. It was kind of hard to give God credit.

And then I realized the eye thing.

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