It takes me "forever" to finish a painting.  I work on these when I can.  If you'd like me to finish one sooner so you can order the original or a print, let me know.

This is a salvaged watercolor that became unworkable and scratched.  I attached it to a substrate and I'm painting over it in acrylic.  It will be 11 x 14.

Notice that I needed to make the watercolor paper bigger to allow for the pieces I cut off to make it a standard size.

This is also a salvaged watercolor.  I have been working on it for years and it has gone through many changes.  Long story.

By the way, Walt doesn't play the violin.  Currently I am basing this on 4 separate photos.

Bobe was a good friend of mine that I first met when I was working the Help Desk at a hospital in Northern Michigan.  She was always very encouraging. 

She lost her fight against cancer a couple years ago.  She had something to do with a local fair and I took the reference photo there. 

The working title of this painting is "Bobe's Horses" even though they are not actually her horses.

Working title is "Snowy Fence".  The reference photo is taken at a park about 20 miles from my house.  I made a quick video of this process to show how I use layering to accomplish the illusion of depth.

This is a rather large painting at 36 x 24  It is designed to show a "wedge view".  It is fairly difficult to lay water down horizontally and I'm accomplishing that with the ripples and reflections.


Skies are not vertical backdrops.  They are horizontal surfaces that parallel the earth.

This image uses more than 1 photo so I need to make the water reflect the sky. 

I'm learning different paintings have different viewing ideals.  This one is about 12 feet or my Samsung 7 cell phone held about arm's length.


This painting has started to become very popular.  For the longest time it didn’t have the attraction I thought it deserved.  This is one of my "fun" paintings.

“Half The Pay”

I got a fair way into this before I realized the boats are University Of Michigan colors.  (There’s a strong rivalry with State and Ohio, so I’m losing a fair portion of possible customers.)  

On Photoshop I can swap colors so I can make a print in any school colors.  

It’s about an hour away from being finished.  It’s huge and has been physically hard to paint. 

This is another salvaged watercolor.  It is based on a photo I took years ago at Peace Ranch, an equine rehab place.  I’d like to contribute a print to the place when I get it done.  The owners’ daughter is in the painting.