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Mike's Artistic Accomplishments

Mike has been studying creating an illusion of depth since he first saw an example of foreshortening when he was a kid. Using concepts like “in-front-ive-ness” and a special brush technique, Mike’s paintings sing.


He’s taught classes since 2003.


He met his wife at a Burger King where they both worked in 1974.

They have been married since 1980 and have 4 beautiful daughters and 4 grandchildren.

2020 ~ Accepted into juried show for Michigan Water Color Society

2/26/19 Featured in “Artist’s Profile” on The Four a local CBS News affiliate.

2019 January-May Dennos Museum, Traverse City ~ Northwest Michigan Regional Juried Exhibition

2018 ~ ArtPrize 2018 Top 25 Public Vote in his category.

2018 ~ Third place People’s Choice Award in Experience Art Rapids

2017 ~ Within the top five People’s Choice Award vote in Experience Art Rapids

2015 ~ People’s Choice award at Baypointe exhibit on “The Cross”

2014 ~ ArtPrize 2014 Major exhibit at J. W. Marriottt

2013 ~ Second place National Cherry Festival Art Competition

2012 ~ Founder’s Memorial Award at the Michigan Water Color Society show

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