Greg Was A Fisherman

  • Greg and I have had many deep conversations about the universe and God and other stuff. He used to beat me in chess but I think I beat him more. :)  

    Greg was killed in a car crash a few years ago. His local funeral in a small town drew great crowds, many of them his former students. Greg taught math at a high school and over the years he had gained the love and respect of those who knew him.

    Greg was unabashedly a Christian. I imagine some of his students had really serious problems and I can picture Greg talking with them after school. 

    Greg also enjoyed fishing for fish and I have named this piece after him and his passions.


    ORIGINAL PAINTING: 13.5" x 21 watercolor ($4600)


    Signed/Numbered Print: 21x13.5in, unframed, paper ($150)


    Signed/Numbered Print: 17.6x11.2in, unframed, paper ($120)


    Signed/Numbered Print: 11x6in, unframed, paper ($75)