A Dog And His Hiker

  • A Dog And His Hiker: A Tribute To My Siblings.

    The reference photo was taken in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on a trip with my brother in 2014. The UP has always been a favorite of our family and I could easily picture one of us hiking this area. The dog is represented by a dot and the hiker is nearly hidden. I also tried to make the main center of interest the "closest" object and the "furthest" object.

    I realized after I started this that I had committed an artist no no. I placed the tree in the middle of the canvas. I spent the remainder of the painting trying to steer the eyes away from the middle.


    ORIGINAL PAINTING: 16x20in, unframed, acrylic, canvas $4499


    Signed/Numbered Print: 16x20in, unframed, paper, canvas $150


    Signed/Numbered Print: 12x15in, unframed, paper, canvas $112.50


    Signed/Numbered Print: 8x10in, unframed, paper, canvas $75